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For 25 years, Remember the Women Institute has been dedicated to telling women’s stories from women’s point of view. As we celebrate our 25th  anniversary, we recall our meaningful events and projects and look forward to continuing to give women their place in history.

Shosh Kormosh, Untitled (Braids) from the series Order and Cleanliness: A-, 1994-95. Photography, silver print, 33 x 46 inches. Collection of the artist’s estate, Israel.


Women, Theater, and the Holocaust: Dramatic Readings and the Launch of the New Edition of our Resource Handbook

We’re pleased to announce that the new interactive fifth edition of our Women, Theater, and the Holocaust resource handbook is now available. Authored by Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel, Samantha McLaughlin, and Karen Shulman, the 188-page ebook is intended for teachers, students, and everyone who wants to learn more about the subject. The handbook has bibliographies of plays about women and the Holocaust, plays about the Holocaust written by women, and relevant books. There are nine personal essays by playwrights and scholars who share their thoughts and experiences about using theater to teach about women and the Holocaust, as well as

New Teacher Guide on Gender Equality Launched in Brazil

Teaching and Education with Gender Equality in Childhood and Adolescence: A Practical Guide for Educators (Ensino e Educação com Igualdade de Gênero na Infância e na Adolescência: Guia Prático para Educadores e Educadoras) is being launched in Portuguese with a live and on-line seminar at University of São Paulo (USP), Institute of Advanced Studies, in São Paulo, Brazil on March 16. Dr. Rochelle G. Saidel is a co-author of the guide. This interactive and enhanced third edition of the guide was originally created in 1996, when Dr. Saidel was a senior researcher at NEMGE-USP, the Center for the Study of
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For both our latest recommendations and an archive of information about literature and the arts that give women their place in history–especially during the Holocaust–see the resources we are offering.

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