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Compiled by Esther R. Wolk, M.S.Ed., M.L.I.S.- June 2006


Fiction Books

Ackerman, Karen.  The Night Crossing.  Knopf Paperback, 1997.

            ISBN: 0679870407

Denenberg, Barry.  One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping: The Diary of Julie  Weiss.  Scholastic, 2000.

            ISBN: 0439095182

Feder, Paula Kurzband.  The Feather-Bed Journey.  A. Whitman, 1995.

            ISBN: 0807523305

Hesse, Karen.  The Cats in Krasinski Square.  Scholastic Press, 2004.

            ISBN: 0439435404

Hoestlandt, Jo.  Star of Fear, Star of Hope.  Walker, 1995. 

            ISBN: 0802783732

Innocenti, Roberto.  Rose Blanche.  Harcourt Brace & Company, 1985.

            ISBN: 0152009183

McDonough, Yona Zeldis.  The Doll with the Yellow Star.  H. Holt, 2005.

            ISBN: 0805063374

Nerlove, Miriam.  Flowers on the Wall.  M.K. McElderry Books, 1996.

          ISBN: 0689506147

Oppenheim, Shulamith Levey.  The Lily Cupboard.  HarperCollins, 1992.

            ISBN: 0060246693

Polacco, Patricia.  The Butterfly.  Philomel Books, 2000.

            ISBN: 0399231706

Silton, Faye.  Of Heroes, Hooks, and Heirlooms. Jewish Publication Society, 1997.

            ISBN: 082760582X

Solderling, Eric.  A Knock at the Door.  Steck-Vaughn, 1997.

ISBN: 0817244344

Vos, Ida.  The Key is Lost.  HarperCollins, 2000.

            ISBN: 0688162835

Watts, Irene N.  Good-bye Marianne.  Tundra Books, 1998.

            ISBN: 0887764452

Williams, Laura E.  Behind the Bedroom Wall.  Milkweed Editions, 1996.

            ISBN: 157131606X


Non-Fiction Books

Adler, David A.  Hilde and Eli, Children of the Holocaust.  Holiday House, 1994.

            ISBN: 0823410919

Adler, David A.  A Picture Book of Anne Frank.  Holiday House, 1993.

            ISBN: 082341003X

Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945.  Alfred A. Knopf, 2001. 

            ISBN: 037581177X

Ashby, Ruth. Anne Frank: Young Diarist. Simon & Schuster, 2005.

            ISBN: 0-689-87468-5.

Gold, Alison Leslie.  Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend. Scholastic, 1997. 

            ISBN: 0590907220

Isaacs, Anne.  Torn Thread.  Scholastic Signature, 2000.

            ISBN: 0329294636

Leitner, Isabella.  The Big Lie: A True Story.  Scholastic, 1992.

            ISBN: 0590455702

Levine, Karen.  Hana’s Suitcase: A True Story.  Albert Whitman, 2002.

            ISBN: 0807531480

Morris, Ann. Grandma Esther Remembers: A Jewish American Family Story. Millbrook Press, 2002.

            ISBN: 076132318X

Nieuwsma, Milton J., editor.  Kinderlager: An Oral History of Young Holocaust Survivors.  Holiday House, 1998.

            ISBN: 0823413586

Ransom, Candice F.  So Young to Die: The Story of Hannah Senesh. Scholastic, 1993.

            ISBN: 0590446770

Rubin, Susan Goldman.  Fireflies in the dark : the story of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and the children of Terezin.  Holiday House, 2000.

            ISBN: 0823414612

Russo, Marisabina.  Always Remember Me: How One Family Survived World War II.  Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2005.

            ISBN: 0689869207

van der Rol, Ruud.  Anne Frank, Beyond the Diary: A Photographic    Remembrance. Viking, 1993.

            ISBN: 0670849324

Zullo, Allan and Mara Bovsun. Survivors: True Stories of Children Hidden in the Holocaust. Scholastic, 2004.

            ISBN: 0329415093



Anne Frank Center, USA


Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam


Museum of Tolerance Online Multimedia Learning Center


A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum





Fiction Books

Bennett, Cherie and Jeff Gottesfeld.  Anne Frank and Me.  Putnam’s, 2001.

            ISBN: 0399233296

Boraks-Nemetz, Lillian.  The Old Brown Suitcase, A Teenager’s Story of War and    Peace.  Ben-Simon Publications, 1994. 

            ISBN: 0914539108

Friedman, D. Dina.  Escaping into the Night.  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2006.

            ISBN: 1416902589

Greene, Bette.  Summer of My German Soldier.  Bantam, 1973.

            ISBN: 0-553-27247-0

Issacs, Anne.  Torn Thread.  Scholastic Signature, 2000.

            ISBN: 0329294636

Kacer, Kathy.  The Night Spies.  Second Story Press, 2003.

            ISBN: 1896764703

Lowenstein, Sallie.  Waiting for Eugene.  Lion Stone Books, 2006.

            ISBN: 0965848655

Matas, Carol.  After the War.  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1996.

ISBN: 0689803508

Matas, Carol.  Greater than Angels.  Aladdin Paperbacks, 1998.

            ISBN: 068983084X

Mazer, Norma Fox.  Good Night, Maman.  HarperTrophy, 1999.

            ISBN: 0329243829

Moskin, Marietta D.  I am Rosemarie.  Dell, 1972.

            ISBN: 0-440-94066-4

Murray, Michele.  The Crystal Nights: A Novel.  Seabury Press, 1973.

            ISBN: 0816430985

Pausewang, Gundrun.  The Final Journey.  Viking, 1996.

            ISBN: 0670864560

Pressler, Mirjam.  Malka.  Philomel Books, 2003.

            ISBN: 0399239847

Roth-Hano, Renee.  Touch Wood: A Girlhood in Occupied France.  Four Winds Press, 1988.

            ISBN: 002777340X

Roy, Jennifer Rozines.  Yellow Star.  Marshall Cavendish, c2006.

            ISBN: 076145277X

Schmidt, Gary.  Mara’s Stories: Glimmers in the Darkness.  Henry Holt, 2001.

            ISBN: 0805067949

Vos, Ida.  Anna is Still Here.  Houghton Mifflin, 1993.

ISBN: 0395653681


Non-Fiction Books

Auerbacher, Inge.  I am a Star: Child of the Holocaust.  Puffin, 1993.

            ISBN: 0140364013

Ayer, Eleanor H.  Parallel Journeys.  Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1995.

            ISBN: 0689318308

Barak-Ressler, Alyza. Cry Little Girl: A Tale of the Survival of a Family in Slovakia. Yad Vashem Books, 2003.

            ISBN 965-308-164-0

Boas, Jacob.  We are Witnesses: The Diaries of Five Teenagers Who Died in the Holocaust. Scholastic, 1996.

ISBN: 059084475X

Denenberg, Barry.  Shadow Life: A Portrait of Anne Frank and Her Family.  Scholastic Press, 2005.

            ISBN: 0439416787

Finkelstein, Genya.  Genya.  GT Publishing, 1998.

            ISBN: 1577196163

Frank, Anne.  The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition.  Doubleday, 1995.

            ISBN: 0385473788

Frank, Anne.  Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annex.  Doubleday, 1983.

            ISBN: 0385187157

Friedman, Ina R.  Escape or Die: True Stories of Young People Who Survived the Holocaust.  Addison-Wesley, 1982.

            ISBN: 0201104776

Friedman, Ina R.  The Other Victims: First- Person Stories of Non-Jews Persecuted by the Nazis.  Houghton Mifflin Co., 1990.

            ISBN: 0395502128

Gies, Miep.  Anne Frank Remembered: The Story of the Woman Who Helped to   Hide the Frank Family.  Simon and Schuster, 1987.

            ISBN: 0671547712

Haas, Gerda.  Tracking the Holocaust.  Runestone Press, 1995.

            ISBN: 0822531577

Hillman, Laura.  I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree.  Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2004.

            ISBN: 0689869800

Jackson, Livia Bitton.  I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in the  Holocaust. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1997.

            ISBN: 0689810229

Jackson, Livia Bitton.  My Bridges of Hope.  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1999.

ISBN: 0689820267

Kopf, Hedda Rosner.  Understanding Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl:  A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents. Greenwood Press, 1997.

            ISBN: 0313296073

Leitner, Isabella.  Fragments of Isabella.  Dell, 1978.

            ISBN: 0440124530

Lobel, Anita.  No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War.  Avon Books, Inc., 2000.

            ISBN: 0380732858  

Lyman, Darryl.  Holocaust Rescuers: Ten Stories of Courage.  Enslow, 1999.

            ISBN: 0766011143

Muller, Melissa.  Anne Frank: The Biography.  Metropolitan Books, 1998.

            ISBN: 0805059962

Novac, Ana.  The Beautiful Days of My Youth : My Six Months in Auschwitz and Plaszow.  Henry Holt, 1997.

            ISBN: 0805050183

Perl, Lila and Marion Blumenthal Lazan. Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story. Greenwillow Books, 1996.

            ISBN: 068814294X

Rabinovici, Schoschana.  Thanks to My Mother.  Dial Books, 1998. 

            ISBN: 0803722354

Reiss, Johanna.  The Upstairs Room.  HarperCollins, 1972. 

            ISBN: 0690851278

Rochman, Hazel and  Darlene Z. McCampbell.  Bearing Witness: Stories of the Holocaust. Orchard Books, 1995.

            ISBN: 053109488X

Roi, Emilie. A different Story: About a Danish Girl in World War Two. Yad Vashem Books, 1990.

Roubícková, Eva.  We're Alive and Life Goes On: A Theresienstadt Diary.  H. Holt & Co., 1998.

ISBN: 0805053522

Sender, Ruth Minsky.  The Cage.  Collier Macmillan, 1986.

            ISBN: 0027818306

Siegal, Aranka.  Grace in the Wilderness: After the Liberation, 1945-1948.  Farrar, Strauss, Giroux, 1985.

            ISBN: 0374327602

Siegal, Aranka.  Upon the Head of a Goat: A Childhood in Hungary, 1939-1944. Farrar Straus Giroux, 1981.

            ISBN: 0374380597

Toll, Nelly S.  Behind the Secret Window: A Memoir of a Hidden Childhood During World War Two.  Dial Books, 1993.

            ISBN: 0803713622

Whiteley, Suzanne Mehler.  Appel is Forever.  Wayne State University Press, 1999.

            ISBN: 0814328210



“Another Angel for God” by Charles V. Ferree

Daring to Resist: 3 Women Face the Holocaust




Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive








Fiction Books

Aharon Appelfeld. Tzili: The Story of a Life, Grove Press, 1996.

            ISBN: 0802134556

Aharon Appelfeld. Katerina: A Novel. Schocken, 2006.

            ISBN: 0805211985
Fink, Ida.  The Journey.  Farrar Straus Giroux, 1992.

            ISBN: 0374285411

Fromberg Schaeffer, Susan.  Anya: A Novel.  W.W. Norton & Co., 2004.

           ISBN: 0393325210

Kerr, Judith.  A Small Person Far Away: A Novel.  Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1978.

            ISBN: 0698204727

Lucas, Michele Claire.  A High and Hidden Place : A Novel. 

            HarperSanFrancisco, 2005.

            ISBN: 0060740566

Ozick, Cynthia.  The Shawl.  Vintage Books, 1990.

            ISBN: 0679729267

Styron, William.  Sophie’s Choice.  Vintage Books, 1992.

            ISBN: 0329188453

Yolen, Jane.  Briar Rose.  Tom Doherty Associates, 1992.

            ISBN: 0812558626


Non-Fiction Books

Alexander, Caroline.  Now You Are Sara. Ben-Simon Publications, 1993.

           ISBN: 0914539078

Appleman-Jurman, Alicia.  Alicia: My Story.  Bantam, 1988.

            ISBN: 0553282182

Arnothy, Christine.  I am Fifteen - and I don’t Want to Die.  Scholastic, 1956.

            ISBN: 0590403222

Baer, Elizabeth and Myrna Goldenberg, editors. Experience and Expression: Women, the Nazis, and the Holocaust. Wayne State University Press, 2003.

            ISBN: 0814330622

Bernstein, Sara Tuvel.  The Seamstress: A Memoir of Survival.  Putnam, 1997.

            ISBN: 039914322X

Blaikie, Evi. Magda's Daughter: A Hidden Child's Journey Home. The Feminist Press at CUNY, 2003.

            ISBN: 1558614435

Bleier, Inge Joseph and David E. Gumpert.  Inge: A Girl’s Journey Through Nazi     

            Germany.  William B. Eerdmans Pub., 2004.

           ISBN: 0802826865

Choko, Isabelle, et al. Stolen Youth: Five Women’s Survival in the Holocaust.  Yad Vashem & Holocaust Survivors Memoirs Project, 2005.

            ISBN: 0976073927

Christophe, Francine.  From a World Apart: A Little Girl in the Concentration Camps.  University of Nebraska Press, 2000.

            ISBN: 080326402X

Cretzmeyer, Stacy.  Your Name is Renee: Ruth Kapp Hartz’s Story as a Hidden Child in Nazi-Occupied France.  Oxford University Press, 1999.

            ISBN: 0195132599

De Silva, Cara. In Memory's Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2006.

            ISBN: 0742546462

Deutschkron, Inge. Outcast: A Jewish Girl in Wartime Berlin.  Fromm International Publishing Corporation, 1990.

            ISBN: 0880641169

Edvardson, Cordelia.  Burned Child Seeks the Fire.  Beacon Press, 1998.

           ISBN: 0807070955

Eichengreen, Lucille.  From Ashes to Life: My Memories of the Holocaust. Mercury House, 1994.

            ISBN: 1562790528

Gurewitsch, Brana, editor. Mothers, Sisters, Resisters: Oral Histories of Women Who Survived the Holocaust. University Alabama Press, 1998.

            ISBN: 0817309527

Isaacson, Judith Magyar.  Seed of Sarah: Memoirs of a Survivor.  University of Illinois Press, 1991.

            ISBN: 0252062191

Klein, Gerda Weissman.  All but My Life.  Hill and Wang, 1995.

            ISBN: 0809024608

Kluger, Ruth.  Still Alive: A Holocaust Girlhood Remembered.  Feminist Press, 2001.

            ISBN: 1558612718

Nomberg-Przytyk, Sara. True Tales from a Grotesque Land. University of North Carolina Press, 1985.

            ISBN: 0807841609

Ofer, Dalia and Leonore Weitzman, editors. Women in the Holocaust.  Yale University Press, 1999.

             ISBN: 0300080808

Opdyke, Irene Gut.  In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer.  A. Knopf 1999. 

            ISBN: 0679891811

Pentlin, Susan, editor. Mary Berg's Diary. Forthcoming 2007, One-World Books.

Pressler, Mirjam.  Anne Frank: A Hidden Life.  Dutton Children's Books, 1999.

            ISBN: 0525463305

Ransom, Candice F.  So Young to Die: The Story of Hannah Senesh. Scholastic, 1993.   

            ISBN: 0590446770

Rittner, Carol Ann and John K. Roth, editors.Different Voices: Women and the Holocaust. Paragon House Publishers, 1993.

           ISBN: 155778504X

Rose, Leesha. The Tulips are Red: The Story of a Jewish Girl in the Dutch   Resistance During World War II. Yad Vashem Books, 1993.

            ISBN: 0-498-02176-9

Saidel, Rochelle G.  The Jewish Women of Ravensbruck Concentration Camp.  University of Wisconsin Press, 2004.

            ISBN: 029919860X

Saidel, Rochelle, G., editor. Fiorello's Sister: Gemma La Guardia Gluck's Story. Forthcoming 2007, Syracuse University Press.

Schulman, Faye and Sarah Silberstein Swartz. A Partisan's Memoir: Woman of the Holocaust. Second Story Press, 1995.

            ISBN: 0929005767

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            ISBN: 0805204105

Sutin, Jack and Rochelle Sutin.  Jack and Rochelle: A Holocaust Story of Love and Resistance.  Graywolf Press, 1995.

            ISBN: 1555972241

Tec, Nechama.  Dry Tears : The Story of a Lost Childhood.  Oxford University Press, 1984.

            ISBN: 0195035003

Tec, Nechama. Resilience and Courage: Women, Men and the Holocaust. Yale University Press, 2004.

            ISBN: 0300105193

Velmans, Edith.  Edith’s Story.  Bantam, 2001.

            ISBN: 1569471789

Weisel, Mindy, editor.  Daughters of Absence: Transforming a Legacy of Loss. Capital Books, 2000.

            ISBN: 1892123371

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            ISBN: 1569245169

Wukovits, John F.  Anne Frank.  Lucent Books, 1999.

            ISBN: 156006353X

Wyden, Peter.  Stella.  Simon & Schuster, 1992.

            ISBN: 0671673610

Zar, Rose.  In the Mouth of the Wolf.  Jewish Publication Society of America, 1983. 

            ISBN: 0827602251



Emilie Schindler, An Unsung Heroine


Irena Sendler: Rescuer of Jews


Maria Countess von Maltzan


Miep Gies: An Unsung Heroine


Remember the Women Institute


Rivka’s Story: Testimony at the Eichmann Trial


Women and the Holocaust: Judy Cohen's Site




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